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Our story

SAYASPORA is a platform for young African women around the world.

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, Canada and run by young women from the African diaspora, we strongly believe in the power of representation as a tool for social change and inspiration.

With this in mind, through our events and online content, we hope to create a space where the youth of the African diaspora can assert their opinions, lead, be inspired and find community.

Today, Sayaspora is a network of over 19,000 people online. The audience is predominantly female and young (18-34). It’s a media platform that’s followed on every continent, in several key cities, including Montreal, Paris and Bamako.

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Our team

5 women founded Sayaspora: Djamilla Toure, Rydia Sesay, Aurore Iradukunda, Shana Musimbe, and Dorra Bannouri. Together, they laid the foundations for Sayaspora and allowed many young women around the world to freely occupy online and offline spaces to express their truths. Sayaspora began as a blog and then evolved into a movement that transcends established borders and allows many young women to shine through their expertise.

As an organisation created, thought and led by African women living in Canada and working to improve their communities, SAYASPORA’s mission is to promote women’s solidarity across borders. Women changemakers.

Sayaspora projects

Sayaspora is behind a number of projects aimed at building initiatives that are inclusive, emancipatory and forward-looking for the African and Caribbean community worldwide.

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100% des fonds récoltés sont utilisés pour le maintien de nos différentes initiatives visant à créer des espaces sains et sûrs pour les jeunes femmes issues de la diaspora Africaine.