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From testimonies to conversations, this podcast will have it all. A comfortable, enjoyable space where every African woman worldwide is welcomed to share their experience, thoughts and feelings.

  • Do you have daddy issues?

  • When healing challenges your mental health

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    To our African mothers and fathers

  • Women's assembly at the Impactful conversations event

    Impactful conversations

    Impactful conversations takes place in a context of exchange, exploring the plurality of experiences and challenges facing young women from the African diaspora.

  • Assemblée de la communauté de la Diaspora africaine pendant l'événement Diaspora Speaking

    Diaspora Speaking

    Diaspora Speaking is an annual event celebrating the achievements of women and young people from the African diaspora.

  • Assemblée à l'événement Cultures


    A celebration of sharing, a celebration of Montreal's diversity.

We are fortunate to collaborate with RELIABLE PARTNERS who share our vision and values, and who have grasped the importance of bringing the voices of women from the African diaspora and minorities more generally to Canada.




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Support Sayaspora

100% des fonds récoltés sont utilisés pour le maintien de nos différentes initiatives visant à créer des espaces sains et sûrs pour les jeunes femmes issues de la diaspora Africaine.