Marguerite Kaba

Project Ideation Editor

Born in Ivory Coast and raised in Guinea, Marguerite describes herself as determined and a true citizen of the world. She holds a bachelor's degree in management and finance achieved in Morocco, and emigrated to Canada in 2019 to pursue an MBA, which she completed in 2022. After living in Moncton, Ottawa and Quebec City, she finally settled in Montreal, where she works as a business analyst in finance.

Marguerite, driven by a spirit of adventure and a passion for discovery, finds in reading an open door to new cultures and traditions, enriching her perspectives and understanding of the world.

Guided by a deep desire to contribute to the African community and support women, Marguerite has developed expertise in project ideation, particularly those aimed at improving women's lives and promoting equal opportunities. As Project Ideation Director at Sayaspora, she is committed to designing innovative initiatives that meet the needs of African women, providing them with the opportunities and tools they need to flourish and realize their full potential. Son rôle consiste à transfor