From testimonies to conversations, this podcast will have it all. A comfortable, enjoyable space where every African woman worldwide is welcomed to share their experience, thoughts and feelings.

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    Episode 0

    Dear sisters and fellow Diasporians,

    Welcome to our very first Podcast first season of Sayafeels!

    My name is Jasmine, born in Montreal/Canada and originally from Morocco. I am the partnerships director at Sayaspora. I am happy to have been the project coordinator and co-host of the first season.

    And my name is Joana, a pan-africanist at heart , and Canadian at the fullest. I was born in a small country in east Africa called Burundi and later immigrated to this beautiful indigenous land. I am the project coordinator of this podcast, and host .

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    Episode 1

    The time for conversation is never over! Sayaspora wanted to tackle, with the freedom of tone that characterizes us and without taboos, social issues directly affecting women of the African diaspora. If you missed it, don’t panic, here are a few highlights summarized in this article! The various resources of the Impactful conversations project, i.e. video capsules and podcast episodes, are available on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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