We are fortunate to collaborate with reliable partners who share our vision and values, and who have grasped the importance of bringing the voices of women from the African diaspora and minorities more generally to Canada.

These alliances of trust are the cornerstone of our impact, propelling Sayaspora towards new horizons and enabling us to contribute to significant changes for the creation of a more inclusive, tolerant and egalitarian society.

Types of partnerships

Financial partnerships

Our financial partners represent much more than just monetary support. Their commitment to us is crucial to the realization of events and initiatives in line with our mission. These partners provide the resources we need to extend our impact while strengthening our long-term viability.

Community partnerships

Our community partners play an essential role in developing projects that are relevant to women in the African diaspora. Their understanding of the specific needs of different communities and their networks are invaluable assets for us. We make sure to develop partnerships that benefit all those involved in each of our initiatives.

Corporate partnerships

Our corporate partners, each in their own field of competence, bring essential expertise to guarantee the quality of our projects! We make a point of prioritizing partnerships with companies made up of talented professionals from different minority communities.

The partners

Thank you to all our partners who have placed their trust in us so far.




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