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Manifestation avec une affiche Black Lives Matter en noir et blanc

By Sayaspora

For this 3rd theme in the Impactful conversations series, a subject that divided the assembly, to say the least! Each of us has experienced the social movements of recent years in our own way. We tend to immediately think of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was extensively covered during this theme, but you’ll see that we also returned to the student or feminist, LGBTQ+ or religious signs in public space movements, to name but a few. This article looks back at some of the highlights, but to make up your own mind, we of course invite you to watch the video capsule and associated podcast episode and share your thoughts with us!


« There are times, of course, when I feel used, because it’s like, “Do you really believe in this, or have you just realized that it’s important, so you’re going to play on that so I’ll buy your product next?” »

In this video, you’ll hear from Priscilla, Arielle and Sènan about the changes they experienced as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. In particular, they express very well the difficulties experienced by many visible minority women in navigating between the desire to take advantage of the sudden benefits offered by the economic situation and the feeling of being used by companies whose motivation they knew did not come from any real awareness.

They also tell us how they think the awareness they gained during these movements is being maintained.

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments. 😊

« It’s my duty to integrate this system, for the generations to come! »

If you missed the event we organized on the subject, I’ll try to give you the main trends of opinion that emerged. You’ll be pleased to know that we came away from the event so exhausted that the topic aroused so many passions!

It’s fair to say that women of the African diaspora and women from visible or sexual minorities are not fooled by the reasons why certain doors were opened for them at times when, in their own words, “they were in vogue”. And now what’s left? ?!

The important thing is to be aware of this, and then… there are two distinct strategies:

  • Use the advantages or new doors that are opened to us, perhaps to change things from within…? Turning this in our favor?
  • Refusing to participate in a system that you believe to be insincere.

What about you? Do you tick the “visible minorities” box? What’s your take on it?


« The means of action can also be before the courts. The means of action can also be before the courts. The important thing to remember is that we have these rights, the laws exist, but it’s in their application and interpretation that there are still battles to be fought!»

Two exceptional and complementary sisters accepted our invitation for this 3rd podcast episode in the Impact Conversations series! But I might as well tell you that this episode could have lasted 2 hours, so wide-ranging and fascinating is the subject to be covered!

The two founders of La Maison Turquoise, Sarah Dennene, a human rights lawyer, and Nelly Dennene, a specialist in gender equality and social mobilization, agreed to come and shed some light on our questions. We also discuss the dangerousness of counter-movements, which are often grafted onto the various struggles!

Whether you’ve just arrived in Quebec and aren’t necessarily aware of the social movements that have taken place over the last few years, whether you’ve wondered whether it’s legitimate to feel angry or unjust about certain situations, or whether you simply don’t know how to position yourself (and that’s perfectly all right) in relation to these issues… this episode will fascinate you, and you’re sure to feel the need to make your voice heard on the subject!

Choose the way you want to express your opinion, but do it – it’s important!

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