Event: Sayasafe

Sayasafe – safe online and offline spaces for all. Funded by the City of Montreal, Sayasafe project events focus on both digital and urban safety for young women of the African diaspora based in Montreal. They aim to create safer, more respectful and inclusive digital and urban environments for these agents of change through formative workshops and inspirational conferences.

Our calendar of events is as follows:

April – June 2024: Launch Workshops and Focus Groups | Come learn and share at our three interactive workshops focusing on cybersecurity and digital capacity building.

July – September 2024: Educational Videos and Events | Discover our educational videos, interactive mini-films that put you in cybersecurity scenarios. Attend our workshop events to deepen your understanding and practice, and engage in enriching discussions and activities.

October – December 2024: Online conferences on Urban Safety | Join our specialized conferences to explore complex urban safety issues, with talks from experts and activists. These moments will also be an opportunity to attend virtual art exhibitions that raise awareness and inspire action.

We look forward to seeing you at Sayasafe events!


Latest editions

We organize events which aim to showcase the diverse initiatives and creations made by members of the African Diaspora.