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Dear sisters and fellow Diasporians,

Welcome to our very first Podcast first season of Sayafeels!

My name is Jasmine, born in Montreal/Canada and originally from Morocco. I am the partnerships director at Sayaspora. I am happy to have been the project coordinator and co-host of the first season.

And my name is Joana, a pan-africanist at heart , and Canadian at the fullest. I was born in a small country in east Africa called Burundi and later immigrated to this beautiful indigenous land. I am the project coordinator of this podcast, and host .

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The reason we are so eager to create Sayafeels was to generate a new platform where we can discuss real subjects as important as family with no boundaries, social conflicts we endure on a daily basis, and even as big as manifesting what we vision for ourselves in the years coming. We built a table to generate these real subjects with taking in consideration that all stories are different and welcomed. Here, there is no space for taboo stories. We want to create a dialogue between us,amongst sisters, while giving a dynamic vibe to our listeners such as the amusing stories and ideas that will speak to your soul and bring you to share your stories as well. It’s all about finding a path towards inspiration and healing together.

My sister, take your place in this amusing but yet so enlightening journey.

This first season will be bilingual (French and English) and will focus on the theme of identity and individuality as young African women. We’ll be talking about revisiting these terms in the face of evolving societies and families that constantly seek to define us. So, we’ll go in depth by discussing the quest to find oneself, the subject of healing and the importance of moving forward. We’ll also expand on our upbringing, understand our roots and analyze our cultures, in which it’s important to have a safe space. Obstacles, heartbreaks, childhood traumas, successes or downfalls, this season will have it all.

This new adventure will be a great opportunity to get together and exchange ideas, and to share resources and references that will help you seek further knowledge and inspiration. All of this will be shared on our website and social networks.

So we invite you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on Sayaspora but also on all audio streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes at Sayafeels, so S A Y A F E E L S.

We welcome you to share your thoughts and comments with us!

Again, we are so proud to share this new project with you and we hope you will enjoy every piece of it!

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