Event: Sayasafe workshop - Take back control of your online identity

In today’s fast-paced digital world, learning to control your online identity is essential. If you’ve ever wondered to what extent your social media profile reflects your true personality versus a “curated” version for the public, or if you’re constantly hesitating to define what type of content to share and why? Then this Sayasafe workshop has been designed especially for you: a young woman ready to take charge of her digital presence in an authentic and secure way!

Goal of the event

Participants in this workshop, which took place on May 4, 2024, had the opportunity to :

  • Participate in a hands-on workshop: participants had the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through concrete activities, from creating an online profile that looks just like them to protecting themselves against cyber threats.
  • Learn from the experts: Guided by facilitators specialized in cybersecurity, this interactive and educational workshop provided a better understanding of the issues and best practices surrounding digital identity management.
  • Meeting and sharing: Exchanging with other young women who share their concerns and interests, enriching their experiences and expanding their network.


The program

Learning | Cocktail – Networking | Sharing

  • Conversation with our expert social media strategist Dodani Priscilla Soro and Sayaspora founder Djamilla Toure, on online identity management, followed by a Q&A session.
  • Practical workshop – Review your public profile and learn how to manage your online interactions responsibly and authentically.
  • Closing and networking session to share your experiences and ideas with other participants.

The project Sayasafe

Sayasafe, a project funded by the City of Montreal, focuses on both digital and urban security for young women from the African diaspora based in Montreal. It aims to create a safer, more respectful and inclusive digital and urban environment for these agents of change, through training workshops, inspirational conferences, educational digital resources and discussion groups that promote positive initiatives.

In short, through workshops like this one, we aim to create a safe environment where you can learn, practice and discuss issues that are essential to our times. It’s a chance for you to take back control of your presence in digital and urban spaces – and make it a true representation of who you are.

We organize events which aim to showcase the diverse initiatives and creations made by members of the African Diaspora.