Event: Sayasafe Workshop - Defend your online causes with pride

As a passionate and committed young woman on social networks, are you ready to convincingly defend the causes that are dear to you while effectively protecting yourself against cyberbullying? Join us for the workshop Sayasafe where we’ll give you the keys to navigating the digital world with confidence and security, without you having to leave behind the causes you care about.


On June 1, the Sayasafe workshop, held at 7422 Rue St-Hubert in Montreal, offered participants a unique opportunity to strengthen their digital skills in a friendly and enriching setting. Here’s what they were able to accomplish at this exciting event:

Participate in a hands-on workshop: Participants had the opportunity to apply their knowledge of digital content creation and cyberbullying risk management. This practical aspect aimed to empower them to use social media in a safe and impactful way for their activism and personal commitments.

Learn from the experts: Guided by Asmaa Ferneta and Djamilla Toure, participants deepened their understanding of digital activism and the challenges associated with cyberbullying. This educational session provided them with concrete strategies for confidently navigating the digital space while championing the causes they hold dear.

Meeting and sharing: The event was also a privileged moment for sharing and networking, enabling participants to exchange experiences and forge links with other women who share their concerns and aspirations.

The program

Learning | Cocktail – Networking | Sharing

  • 1pm – 2pm: Discussion with our experts Asmaa Ferneta and Djamilla Toure on the importance of digital activism and cyberbullying, followed by an interactive Q&A session.
  • 2pm – 3:10pm: Hands-on workshop – Creating digital content to mobilize and raise awareness, while minimizing the risks of cyberbullying.
  • 3.10pm – 4pm: Conclusion of the workshop and networking to share ideas and make new contacts.


The project Sayasafe

Sayasafe, a project funded by the City of Montreal, focuses on both digital and urban security for young women from the African diaspora based in Montreal. It aims to create a safer, more respectful and inclusive digital and urban environment for these agents of change, through training workshops, inspirational conferences, educational digital resources and discussion groups that promote positive initiatives.

In short, through workshops like this one, we aim to create a safe environment where you can learn, practice and discuss issues that are essential to our times. It’s a chance for you to take back control of your presence in digital and urban spaces – and make it a true representation of who you are.

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