What Life is Even About?

There’s certainly some magic somewhere:
Deep faith washes away the grief,
Romantics enjoy the unfelt sweet breeze,
Free spirits have secrets up their sleeves.

What life is even about?
I kept asking myself all my life
But I slowly figured it all out.
I started remembering the writings on the walls,
I started noticing the light,
In the back of my mind, I knew I was right.

What life is even about?
You wake up, you live, you love, you fail and you fall
And then your winter depends on the power of your soul.
Everybody is responsible for their own call,
Reflection matters, the universe is a mirror ball.

What life is even about?
My mother tells me my pessimism is overwhelming,
But why do all my poems seem to have hopeful endings?
The people I know believe that I’m too young to know
But why do most of my thoughts not seem to grow?

What life is even about?
You might never find the answer
Or think about the question.
But someday you’ll figure it out,
You’ll remember the writings you were too blind to see on the walls,
You’ll eventually find your own light only if

You believe there’s certainly magic somewhere,
Your deep faith washes away your hardest grief,
You enjoy the unfelt sweet breeze,
You are a free spirit who garnered some secrets up your sleeves.

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Contributer – Rokaya Chaarani

“What Life is Even About?” is a small poem that I wrote a month ago. It was inspired by Madonna’s song “Live to Tell” which was featured in the British film Shanghai Express (1986), for when I heard “Live to Tell” the first time, it resonated with me in an extreme fashion to the extent that I told myself that I can imagine myself saying those words and I can feel exactly what she meant. There are several poems of mine that incorporate the theme of questioning and/or figuring out the facts of life, which is very important for me because that theme is literally the fulcrum of my life. Writing, especially poems, is a personal experience and it becomes more personal when you include something that you feel you only understand, that’s why this poem kind of reveals some thoughts that have long been rooted in the back of mind and that shines a light on who I am.


Rokaya Chaarani is a Moroccan university student and a poet. She’s been writing poetry in English since she was 18. Her favorite poets are Sylvia Plath, Ann Sexton & Edgar Alan Poe.

Writer - Sayaspora

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