I watched her grow  worried, so worried that her mother’s pain might never have a chance to cease. She was  not under any treatment  after all.

Her mother was diabetic, with swollen feet and the inability to move. She had no earnings thus had no idea of how her mother could be better.

They lived in a slum, a single room, built with half baked bricks of mud with expectations that it might fall anytime. They couldn’t manage to pay the debt for their accommodation, thirty thousand Ugandan shillings per thirty days and now it was ninety days passed, they are sad people.

“Father left us,” she said

“I was just eight when he departed.” added the fourteen year old girl helplessly.

Her mother lived as worried as her daughter, she thought of their situation, she just knew that her daughter was at the verge of temptation.

She was wondering how her little girl will survive the men that are hungry for the precious and innocent lives… convincing them to have sex at a cost of food, they now had more reasons. It wasn’t just lack of food, her mother was sick too. That’s more money needed.

Life is so difficult for the little girls that are orphaned. They lack food, they lack clothing and all the most important necessities of life. Men take advantage of them, they sleep with them, get them pregnant and their children live in the same cycle of suffering; they have no inspiration after all. 

Their parents have no say as well.

They can be laid off for as little as 500 Ugandan shillings (ugsh), just enough to buy a chapatti, just not to be too hungry, it doesn’t satisfy after all.

This is how they live their life everyday, they need hope. They need motivation, they are sad, they live in pain, they get pregnant and produce children when they are tender…they feel unloved. They need compassion. 

This is a life that a typical poor Ugandan girl lives.


Feature Image by: @marcocontisikic and @innamodjaofficiel

Ethel Daka
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Namunjasi Ethel Daka is a hard working and self-motivated lady. She is so passionate about the young and vulnerable. She loves to write about the life that young people in rural and slum areas and the orphaned go through. She is one aspiring writer that looks forward to seeing the vulnerable find solution and justice to their sentiments. She is born again and strongly believes that God watches and will intervene in the situation of the undermined and under estimated. Her main goal in life is to build a huge orphanage that will help young people grow up as responsible citizens with hearts to help others too.

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