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By Sayaspora


Remember Kesha, she had that song “Tik Tok”. I was never really an avid fan but I think she had some good songs. Anyway that’s beside the point. Recently Kesha was in court to in a bid to be freed for her contract with Sony and Dr Luke. This is despite the fact that Kesha has accused Dr Luke of emotionally, verbally and sexually abusing her for years. Now I’m not here to pass judgement against Dr Luke it is for the justice system to decide (this isn’t going to happen since Kesha hasn’t made a criminal case) but I’m here to talk about how in so many was her case shows what is wrong with the justice system. Furthermore, I think her case exemplifies the plight of other female victims in so many ways.
Firstly, forcing a woman to work with someone she has accused of such heinous crimes shouldn’t be a decision that can be upheld in the court of law. I know that in the eyes of the law one is innocent until proven guilty but this also seems to apply to women who press charges for sexual assault. It’s almost as if the justice system tells women that “You weren’t raped until you prove it”. I know that the legal system is based on the ability to provide evidence and without evidence convictions are impossible to get BUT I also know that the people that are involved in cases similar to Kesha’s are people, human beings and if the justice system basically tells them that how you feel isn’t important it’s about procedure then where is the justice in that. The fact that Kesha accused her producer of such a thing should be grounds to even if temporarily release her from the contract which I think would be the bare minimum.

Kesha isn’t even asking for a criminal case but just for the right to be free to make her OWN decisions about her music and to be free from her alleged abuser. I hate to use the words “alleged, accused” because it’s almost as if I am using the same rhetoric as the justice system but I guess to be politically correct these words are a necessary evil. Basically, the justice system is denying her the very minimum. I am not a lawyer and I don’t know the laws that apply to contract deals but I would like to hope that all those are overridden in the interest of someone’s well-being and safety. Maybe it’s too much to ask for…IDK.

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