My White Privilege

My mother’s pink uterus
Being placed in her white arms
Did she know what she was getting into
Birthing a black daughter

A boundary forming
Invisible to us
Visible to others

I wait at the Mcdonalds drive in
I look over to see Ubereats drivers waiting too
All of them People of colour
Exposing themselves

Black bodies are expendable
Do they not deserve the same protection
White fragility is a force field
White bodies are fragile
Hierarchy makes them less in touch with humanity

Whiteness is built on the backs of others
I have the responsibility to use that privilege for good and not evil

I hear on the radio
About the white man from rural manitoba
That drove 20 hours with a loaded gun
To the PM residence

They couldn’t understand why
He would do such a thing
A man with two children
Policy training
Would turn against his own

They are so use to
Hiding behind the mask of sanity
Of rationality
Of science

When they are devoid of love
It will destroy everything in its path
Inventions like policing and AK-477s

We must Remind them
Just like our ancestors
Reach out
To others
It doesn’t make us fools

It makes us
Forming an Army
For what’s right
While preparing
Ask yourself,
Whose side are you on?

Feature image by: @notion.of.form

Alysha Sarasua
Writer - Alysha Sarasua

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Alysha is a 24yrs biracial woman from an anglophone community in Quebec. Raised by her white mother, she grew up with little ties to her black community. She hopes her work will help heal the hurt and isolation she experienced as a little girl through space creation for women of colour. She is excited to complete her degree in Poli Sci with a minor in Economics and move onto a Masters in Education.

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