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What can be done to change this?! That’s the question we ask ourselves throughout this new awareness campaign signed Making Your Way up. Indeed, we must admit that we all have biases towards certain groups of people that shape our respective experiences and consequently the way we interact. However, not all of the biases we have built in have the same consequences.

For this campaign, we chose to look at the experience of diaspora women in their working lives in the face of mainstream biases and the consequences these biases can have on their well-being. We had the chance to chat with 4 women who are equally inspiring and resilient.

Sara M’bala – @sarambala | Aminata Planchon – @amipl_ | Oumalker Idil – @idil.kalif | Jessica Angui – @jessangui

Discover their stories so different, but oh so similar. What about you? Share with us in the comments your opinions/impressions/similar experiences.


Making Your Way Up is a project created by Sayaspora and funded by Canadian Heritage. This video is co-produced by 9:16 stories.

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