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By Djamilla Toure

Kaylan M.


A few months ago, while I was scrolling my  Instagram feed, I ended-up on the profile of Kaylan : @Lost_intheisland   and …. I fell in love.

Kaylan lives in Montreal, she is a benin-Nigerian artist  who uses her instagram to showcase her art and her talent. I was amazed by her work, the harmony that she creates with all the elements that she uses, the colors of her collages… bref. I had to jump into her DMs’ to tell her that.

After the compliment was delivered, I asked her if she wanted to do an interview because I couldn’t keep this discovery for myself ( I got you.). She said yes, so here it is, hope you’ll enjoy it :


How would you describe your personality in 3 words?

Hello, I am Kaylan also known as Lost In The Island and I am a Montreal based Multidisciplinary Artist. 3 words that my personality: Ambitious, Fun, Open-minded.

What are you doing in life? 

I create all the time; I am also a graphic designer and a young entrepreneur who works her craft daily in hope to bring her magic touch into the world.

When did your passion for art started? How did you start practicing?

My passion for art has always been there. From my childhood until now, Art is the only thing that keeps me alive. I started drawing when I was  6 years old and I started practicing digital art in 2014 after my Graphic design studies.


Kaylan M.


How would you name your art, what does it reflects?

I think the words that describe best my art are: Mysterious, Space, emotions, futuristic, dreams, nature, abstract, spiritual, and surrealism with an African touch. My art reflects my life in general,  my thoughts, worries, fears, dreams and growth. It also reflects pain & hope and dreams & joy at the same time.

Looking at your collages makes me think somehow of an afro-futuristic art-work. Knowing your mixed origins, are you getting inspiration of your several cultures while creating new art? 

I definitely get my inspiration from several cultures, I like exploring new things and I do not limit myself to African culture. I get my inspiration from Japanese art style as well. I love the details, the colours, the elegance and the beauty of the art style as well as the culture.


Kaylan M.


The universe and the environment are entities that are often seen in your art, are these subjects essential to the creation of your work?

Yes, these subjects are super important for me. I am first of all a nature lover, I find peace just by staring at the trees, birds, the moon and the sky. Nature plays an important role in my life, It keeps me grounded and the universe is my source of inspiration. Nobody really knows what the universe is, so it levels up my imagination and creativity. In addition, the curiosity that the universe brings into my life is the core of my art. It is something that I truly believe in and for me, the unseen is real.

We have to know! is the black crow your artistic imprint? if yes, what does it means for you.

Yes, the black crow is one of my artistic imprints. Crows are one of the most powerful spirit animals in the world; They are fearless, magical, mysterious and they are also the symbol of change, change is important, not always comfortable, but always worth it.


Kaylan M.


You describe yourself as a multidisciplinary artist. From fashion, to graphic design and photography, your work highlights a different world, in a society where everything is predetermined and must look alike. Is this a statement that you want to make with your art? Wanting to go against the status quo, in order to create a world where everything that looks different is “the norm”.

Definitely, Human beings have endless possibilities to bring new innovative ideas alive and for me it is important to explore different things to discover my own potential. Being different is the key, but It is challenging because people are afraid of change without knowing that there is beauty in change. I want to bring as much beauty as I can through my art.

What was the best advice that you receive? and what is the best advice that you would like to give?

The best advice I received so far was “trust your talent and always listen to your intuition”. The best advice I would give would be the same one as I received and I would add, Keep pushing no matter what and stay focus in what you do because it is going to pay off.


The end. 


Kaylan M.


Where to find Kylan : WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

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