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May 18, 2021


By Elau Pade

I see how my name rhymes and resonates with
Women who suffered trauma and hate
Women who scared, but fascinate
When they were the ones that heavily breathe
While they finally released their pain through what we called fury or anger
We have never really proceeded to ask them what’s the matter

Always painted as enraged beasts
Somehow displays of conquest
Men just pointed their weapons right at their breast
Too far, still, to feel the cold behind the fire they have risen

or Angela
I see how my name rhymes and resonates with
Women who brushed and picked their hair backwards
Women who have fought, but got called blackbirds
When they were the ones who carried their voices in the right direction
Sentenced to rebrand our skin in black and blues
We have never really known how to heal their wounds

Remembered as icons
They covered the pages of many books
People kept misconceiving their songs
While they think we’re just frowning and copy their looks

I see how my name rhymes and resonates with
Women who left their native tongue back home
and women who smooth out their thoughts with a hot comb
Constantly exploring the world and spreading the good, the Gospel
It’s time for our hands, our mind and our talent to conversate
Out loud, like the atmosphere was our target

Broken or gathered
Plural or individual
as stars forming constellations
I see you and I look alike
Torn or glad to live an existence in places where the sun has a curfew
We fought our fear of the dark
And reign till noon, and beyond like the moon does
Walking towards our fate, our hips are drawing Saturn’s rings

As we spread across the world
We take, by the hand bravery
After being told that we are born cursed
While we were, all this time, crowned with Holy

Yes, I see how my name rhymes and resonates with
All of you
The Diaspora.

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  • Elau Pade

    Elau Pade


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