Volunteer opportunity – Loyalty and retention manager

Sayaspora is looking for a LOYALTY AND RETENTION MANAGER for approximately 5 to 10 hours of involvement per week.

Whether through stimulating projects like Making your way up, Diaspora Speaking Festival or Culture, Sayaspora’smission is to promote the African diaspora in Canada, which is why we need your help !

Position description

We're recruiting new volunteers! We’re expanding our team to welcome several African women who will be willing to work with us toward the betterment of our communities. Women Changemakers.

General requirement: 18+, Canada based, self-identified female and African. You are up-to-date with Africa-related events and topics, especially those that center women.

Managed, designed and run by young women of African origin who act for the good and development of their community, Sayaspora's mission is to advocate for female solidarity beyond borders. Join a media run by young women who are agents of change!

This volunteer experience will allow you to:

• Find a community of inspiring, generous and committed young African women;
• Participate in a project that has a real impact for young women in the African diaspora;
• Benefit from the Sayaspora network;
• Access to all the events developed by Sayaspora (Diaspora Speaking, Cultures...). And many other advantages!

The person will have to…

  • Support the editor-in-chief in the recruitment of writers
  • Maintain the motivation and engagement of writers by communicating effectively with them
  • Take an interest in the personal projects of writers and highlight them if they align with the vision and goals of SAYASPORA
  • In collaboration with the editor-in-chief, coordinate meetings with writers
  • Establish a schedule of activities and virtual rewards for writers
  • Work in very close collaboration with the editor-in-chief
  • Undertake other tasks and responsibilities as defined by the management of SAYASPORA

Ideally, the person will have…

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ease in teamwork and collaboration with various departments
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Autonomy, initiative, and creativity
  • Personal values closely aligned with the missions and values of Sayaspora
  • Proficiency in spoken and written French and English

Position features

  • Start date: End of January 2024
  • Deadline for sending your application: January 7th 2024

What we offer

  • 5 to 10 hours of involvement per week
  • Type of contract: Volonteer – 1 year renewable

Apply for a position

Sayaspora strongly invites applications from visible minorities, aboriginals, women and people with disabilities.