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By Neo Gilder

When a black African girl is successful, usually the colour of her skin is highlighted, almost as if her skin is her trophy because if it were any other colour, her success would be a norm. Dreams of a young African girl are often hard to accomplish because the world whispers to her at a young age that she can’t do it, but she stays optimistic.  As the years go on these whispers turn into shouts, yet she stands her ground but eventually these shouts turn into trembling vibrations that cause fear in her heart and she thinks to herself “Can I really do this?”.  Then she hears the shout of her God, which is a loud yet gentle sound, and this voice calms the vigorous vibrations of fear in her heart and she uses her skin as motivation to stand for the rights of her fellow brown sisters.

I have been blessed enough to come into contact with a young  African woman who has dreams uplift her fellow brown sisters and who has overcome the naysayers and harsh whispers that tell her she can’t do it. Isn’t it funny how the world tries to bring women down using things such as black skin, to say that it is not worthy to bring change? Yet black women have taken such prejudice comments, and used it as ammunition to propel them into a life full of encouragement and bringing hope to the world, not just for black women, but also to open the general public’s eyes to the strength and power of black women.

Sonia Gasana is an African woman full of dreams. She was born in Rwanda, but grew up in Canada and now studies Law in Cambridge. She had to fight for her dream, it didn’t just happen. She is taking the necessary steps to position herself correctly for the change she wants to enforce in young disadvantaged women’s lives. I believe that we all go through trials and tribulations in order to strengthen our characters and show people that no matter what pain you endure your dream is possible!  I commend young African women like Sonia because no matter how life whispered and shouted at her to fail, she made the conscious decision to stick it out and follow her passion.

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    Neo Gilder


    Setswana and Jewish made it, South Africa raised it and Cambridge is still going strong. Neo Natalie Gilder is a BA Photography student at Cambridge School of Art. She aspires to travel and, thanks to the Sayaspora platform, wants to highlight global issues through artistic visuals.

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