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By Sayaspora


It’s holiday season and Sayaspora hasn’t forgotten about you!
We’ve prepared you a list of 10 exciting Afro-Diasporan women owned businesses to look at for your holiday shopping & needs! Sayaspora is all about supporting
Afro-diasporan women as well as local entrepreneurs: join the movement!




Tribia by HAIID3SIGNS is a Montreal-based accessories and home art decor brand. The founder, Fatouma Haidara from Mali is a rising entrepreneur that has proven herself to be bold, creative and authentic. Her necklaces are vibrant and handmade. Tribia is more than a brand, it is a movement, one that strives to represent women in all of our splendour.
Join the movement!
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MUA: Be’Liv Beauty. © Photography by Doro Saiz Creative. All rights reserved

Female department
Female department is a Montreal-based online retailer linking together fashion, community and most importantly female empowerment. Danielle-Jocelyn Otu, Cameroonian entrepreneur, fashionista, philanthropist is the founder! Oh, and if you haven’t read my interview with her you can access it here: Click on me. Female Department is a ‘modern, yet Retro, yet Hip, yet Boho’ female brand that believes in
beauty skin deep. Get into the shopping, NOW!


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Aomby Manga
Aomby Manga is a Montreal-based jewelry brand that offers handmade jewelry created with natural and eco-friendly materials from Madagascar. Their creations are made from ethically sourced Zebu horns that are cut and polished by local women using ancestral techniques. Mona Horace from Madagascar, is the founder.

Aomby will be selling their creations at Afrik Handmade Montreal: Holiday Market happening all day on December 13, 2015.
This market will feature multiple local African-inspired vendors.
Check them out here!

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Facebook | Online store | Also on sale at LaGaillarde 
Malkia Boutique
Malkia boutique is an online retailer founded by Ariane TL, a Rwandan Montreal-based entrepreneur. They carry East African wear and design. If you are looking for cute African print clothing, they got you. 

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Facebook | Website
  KŌDE Cosmetics
KŌDE Cosmetics is a Montreal-based beauty brand founded by Guinean entrepreneur, Aissa Diallo. Offering affordable & edgy make-up and beauty products, KŌDE is made up of a team of like-minded women ready to provide you high-quality, yet affordable cosmetics that cater to all skin tones. Get your best look ready for the holidays, MAC cosmetics are overrated anyway, try something new NOW!

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MUA: Be’Liv Beauty & Chloe Kaypee  ©Photography by Doro Saiz Creative. All rights reserved
MUA: Be’Liv Beauty & Chloey Kaype © Photography by Doro Saiz Creative. All rights reserved
 Alora Boutique
Alora boutique is a mother-daughter run boutique based in Calgary, Alberta. The founders of Jamaican and Ghanaian origin, are Emily Ghann and her daughter Jameela Ghann. This boutique carries jewelry, beauty products as well as the cutest shopping bags & baskets! Shop in style!
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Ayacaona is a brand new Montreal-based brand whose name was inspired by Anacaona, who was a Taíno chief in Haiti. Anacaona means golden flower. Aya means The creator. Ayacaona was founded by Laurence Casimir, of Haitian origin. The brand carries beauty and hair products that are natural and perfect for coily, curly natural hair!
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Facebook | Products can be found at inHAIRitance
Mambosa  Mind Body & Soul
Mambosa is a Montreal-based start-up brand founded by Gytana Theobrun, of Haitian origin. The brand carries African-inspired jewelry as well as clothing for adults and kids!
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© Photography by Radu Juster. All rights reserved.
Be’liv Beauty MUA
Be’liv Beauty is a Montreal-based professional beauty/make-up service run by the amazing Cameroonian make-up artist, Olivia Kouang. She can “face beat” your face like no other can, trust! Enhance your natural beauty this holiday season & stay slaying with Be’liv.
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MUA: Be’Liv Beauty. Necklaces: Tribia.by.hd
©Photography by Doro Saiz Creative for KODE Cosmetics. All rights reserved
Coloré Design
Coloré Design is a Montreal-based clothing and accessories brand founded by Déborah Cherenfant, of Haitian origin. Coloré Design proposes elegant, colorful and vibrant African and Caribbean-inspired handmade fashion.
Coloré Design is also hosting Marché Coloré from December 11-13, 2015 featuring Finding Paola from Fanm Djanm! 
Marché Coloréis a ‘new pop-up concept store, bringing together original pieces by forward-thinking designers who share a passion for patterns, textiles and colors.’
Marché Coloré is definately an exciting place to check out, so don’t miss it out!
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Head wraps from Fanm Djanm


Our favorites
gold-mah how
to heal herself
by bilphena yahwon
‘is the first book from bilphena yahwon. the book is a compilation of prose poems, poems, journal entries and self-help messages. themes of the immigrant experience, healing, the joys + pain of black womanhood, love + identity is explored.’


Bilphena is a liberian womanist, writer, poet and social justice advocate. Her works have been featured on African & Afro-Diasporian Art Talks (AADAT!), Voices of Africa and Delta Women Magazine’s July 2014 issue.
Get the book here: Get the book
Nubian skin
Nude Hoiesry & Lingerie for Women of Colour
In a world where white skin is the accepted “default”, Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan is redefining what nude means! The brand offers a beautiful lingerie collection that truly matches women of colour’s skin. From sweet berry to warm honey, Nubian Skin has the shade for you. 

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Get your sexy on!  Shop here
* they ship worldwide, wooo *
traditional handcrafted accessories and home decor
needle+thræd is a socially responsable lifestyle brand founded by celia smith, that carries traditional handcrafted accessories and home decor furniture made by Kenyan women based in Nakuru, Kenya. The brand is a partner of Bebe Ravi women’s cooperative & employs up to 100 women, helping them increase their revenue and providing them with a platform to share their stories.
Their choker necklaces are to die for.
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Shop here | Meet the makers here

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