What makes her your sister?







What makes her your sister?

Is it the shoulders you let your head rest on when you’re in your deepest sadness?

Or is it the words coming out of her heart that make you feel happy?

Is it her dazzling laugh and genuine joy that make you feel like home?

Or is it her sincerity that does not harm you, but makes your growth pocess enrich?




















What makes her your sister?

What do you find inside of her that makes you say… maybe, sometimes, somehow

Water is thicker than blood.




























I, too, have sisters.

I have colored the waters with my own blood to show them my true color.

They know me, know my deepest insecurities, my craziest dreams and still, they love me.

They saw me doubting myself, my thoughts, my mind and still, they supported me.


























They are everything that I’m not and everything that I am.

They are my anchors, they are fierce.

 I am them, they are me.















My shoulders, your shoulders.

Your battles, my battles.

Sister, what a hard time I will have if God removed you from my life.





















We often talk about heartbreaks

in a romantic way.

How much they shattered our hearts.

How much they destroy our hopes.























But never will we find ourselves talking about loosing a sister.

How much of our hearts would fall apart, and the difficult time we would have trying to make all the broken pieces stick back together.




























We never talk about loosing the waters we used to enjoy swimming in

Having to live only with the dryness of the sand

With brightest sunlights that prevent us from seeing what is real,

And what is not anymore.














Sisters, Here – Take our ego, hide it and destroy it.

Please, it is neither me, nor she.

Sisters, here – Take our pride, burn it and bury it.

Please, it is neither me, nor she.


Thank you.

Now I do.

I do have the space to tell you

Love, is you

Kindness, is you

You, is soft, blue and warm.


Founder & CEO – Djamilla Toure


Writer - sayasporateam

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