We’re Making Our Way Up…and YOU’RE Invited!

Ladies, if you have questions on how to navigate the ins and out of life as a professional, or maybe you want tips and tricks on how to mobilize your community for sustainable change…well, Sayaspora is pleased to announce we have just the event for you!

On Sunday, October 30th 2022, we will be hosting a free online summit for the everyday working woman. Making Your Way Up is a leadership and empowerment event for Canadian-based African and Caribbean women of the diaspora and will take the form of a series of 5 inspiring conversations to share resources, tips and tricks to help you better navigate the Canadian job market!  

From business to entrepreneurship, from art to branding, from education to transmission, we will go through all these themes to give you all the advice you need to Make Your Way Up in a constantly changing job market!


With special guests from all over Montreal, this will be an event you surely won’t want to miss. Don’t take our word for it, check out the breakdown of the program:

12h10 – 13h  

A space for your wellbeing before your productivity | Un espace pour ton bien-être avant ta productivité  

Guests | Invitées : The Villij  

13h-10 – 14h10  

How to navigate and thrive in the corporate world?: An honest conversation | Comment naviguer et s’épanouir dans le monde des entreprises?: une conversation honnête  

Guests | Invitées : Carla Anide, Virginie-Sankara Cantin-Diarra  

14h20 -15h20  

To evolve in the world of the arts in Canada: Let’s spill the tea! | Évoluer dans le monde des arts au Canada: Let’s spill the tea!  

Guests | Invitées : Dj Karaba, Shay Lia, Joanna Chevalier  


Let’s talk about social media presence and the importance of a great online personal branding | Parlons de la présence sur les médias sociaux et de l’importance d’une bonne image de marque personnelle en ligne  

Guests | Invitées :  Anne-Edma Louis, Nour El Mohri, Olivia Saizonou  


From education, to acceleration, to transmission: What if success had many faces? | De l’éducation, à l’accélération, en passant par la transmission: Et si la réussite avait plusieurs visages ?  

Guests | Invitées :  Bochra Manaï, Danièle-Jocelyne Otou  


Plus de panélistes seront annoncées au courant des jours à venir. | More panelists will be announced in the coming days.


This is a free event; once registered, you will receive instructions on how to access the online platform via email. We look forward to seeing you there! 

REGISTER NOW: bit.ly/makingyourwayup 

Sayaspora est un média qui a pour objectif d’amplifier les voix des femmes de la diaspora africaine au Canada.  

Making Your Way Up, L’évènement s’inscrit dans le cadre du projet Making Your Way Up | Construis ton ascension, créé par Sayaspora et financé par Patrimoine Canadien. Ce projet vise à outiller les femmes de la diaspora africaine et caribéenne à pouvoir mieux naviguer le marché du travail canadien! Pour en savoir plus sur Sayaspora, sur ce projet et ses réalisations, consultez :  www.makingyourwayup.com.


Sayaspora is a media that aims to amplify the voices of women of the African diaspora in Canada.  

Making Your Way Up, The event is part of the Making Your Way Up project, created by Sayaspora and funded by Canadian Heritage. This project aims to equip women of the African and Caribbean diaspora to better navigate the Canadian job market! To learn more about Sayaspora, this project and its achievements, visit: www.makingyourwayup.com.


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