From testimonies to conversations, this podcast will have it all. A comfortable, enjoyable space where every African woman worldwide is welcomed to share their experience, thoughts and feelings.
EPISODE 5: To our African mothers and fathers
A special episode to wrap up the season. The idea: A river of words for our mothers and fathers. Words that have never been spoken because of social pressure, because of what is not said, because of culture and traditions. All the young women we hear during the first season will come to read a text/poem directed to their parents.
EPISODE 4: Do you have daddy issues?
Daddy issues are linked to trust, self-love ,and worth issues. In an unwanted way, they are also the basis of our interpersonal relationships. The absence of our fathers or their silence and distance has a direct impact on us. How do we cope with these situations? What are the tools you can borrow from your sisters so that you can finally confront these ongoing issues?
EPISODE 3: When healing challenges your mental health
Rewriting your story can be a heavy process. During this challenging period, your mental health is on the chessboard of your issues, and your inner critic and self-sabotage skills can become your biggest liabilities. Emotional distress can be observed in different ways- as sadness.
EPISODE 2: Are we defined by our past?
To uncover our individuality, we have to learn about our history. Being willing to explore our past is an important stepping stone on the road to understanding ourselves better. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that healing takes root in the past but is only really established in the present so that it can blossom in the future.
EPISODE 1: The pillars of our identities and individualities
What makes you who you are? What defines one’s identity and individuality? Is it the education that you received? The environment and people you surround yourself with or the untold stories of your family tree? In this conversation with Anissa and Bamby, we will talk about how everyone’s identity is represented and viewed differently.