09 Nov: What Are You?

What are you? Epic novels and songs are written about you. You can be romantic, friendly, filial and so much more. You only matter if it's a grand gesture, or so we are led to believe at times. You are supposed to be selfless and inspire the utmost passion. You should be evidence, and questions need not be asked when you are around. You sometimes take us by surprise, after all when we think about how you come into our lives, we always talk about falling into you. You are known to make us move proverbial mountains and be one of the most powerful forces there are. Deep down we all yearn for you, but do we really understand what you are about? What if you were in the little everyday things? What if selfishness was sometimes needed for you to thrive? What if we questioned the evidence more often? What if we started thinking of growing into you, rather than falling? I look around and see you being used and abused in the justification of everything we do, be it good or bad. I will probably keep wondering about what you really are, but... LOVE, I guess you really are powerful.


The water ⁃ slaps, tugs, swells, and lifts. ⁃ Fully aware of us. ⁃ But more aware of the yellow moon. ⁃ Cold. Rough. ⁃ Blunt Daggers that grow soft in due time ⁃ Every time ⁃ we arrive at night time ⁃ The engine hums ⁃ When you pull near the cliffs ⁃ You turn off the borrowed car ⁃ vacant ears for the first time in hours ⁃ Silence-lust ⁃ Yellow moon taste ⁃ Saliva fills my mouth ⁃ High tide. ⁃ Your breath met the ⁃ Waves crashing against rock ⁃ Louder than your goodbye ⁃ I cannot hear you. ⁃ Salt is inside of me. It bubbles up in my mouth before the tears form ⁃ Sea foam ⁃ the crisp air is salt ⁃ burning my cheeks ⁃ Blunt daggers ⁃ My tears are hot ⁃ my words would have flavor ⁃ If I could speak ⁃ Time is borrowed ⁃ I am on the moon ⁃ Feasting.