“My name is Tumo Tselayakgosi, and I am 22 years old. Currently doing my second degree in tourism and hospitality, my first degree was in accounting which I passed with a distinction. I am happy to say I also have straight As in my current degree. I study at the University of Botswana. I grew up in Tlokweng which is a village slowly evolving into a town in the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone. I was raised by a single but strong mother. I would describe myself as having a “very strong and bold personality bursting from the seams.”


Tumo Tselayakgosi

Gaborone, BOTSWANA. 

[q_team team_image=” team_image_hover_color=” team_name=’Natalie Gilder ‘ team_name_tag=” team_name_font_size=” team_name_font_weight=” team_name_text_transform=” team_position=’Collaboratore’ team_position_font_size=” team_position_color=” team_position_font_weight=” team_position_text_transform=” text_align=” team_description=’ Setswana and Jewish made her, South Africa raised her and Cambridge is still in progress. Neo Natalie Gilder is a BA Hons Photography student at the Cambridge School of Art. She aspires to travel, and using the Sayaspora platform she aims to shed light on issues that are happening globally using the medium of artistic visuals.’ team_description_color=” background_color =” box_border =” team_social_icon_pack =’font_awesome’ team_social_fa_icon_1 =” team_social_fa_icon_2 =” team_social_fa_icon_3 =” team_social_fa_icon_4 =” team_social_fa_icon_5 =” team_social_fe_icon_1 =” team_social_fe_icon_2 =” team_social_fe_icon_3 =” team_social_fe_icon_4 =” team_social_fe_icon_5 =” team_social_icon_1_link =” team_social_icon_2_link =” team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_1_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_2_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_4_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_5_target =’_self’ show_skills =’yes’ skills_title_size=” skill_title_1 =” skill_title_2 =” skill_title_3 =” skill_percentage_1 =” skill_percentage_2 =” skill_percentage_3 =”]






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