Tia Taylor is an American Youtuber based in Milan, Italy followed by more than 102K subscribers, that defines herself as a happy motivated girl.

“I feel better to be a black person in Italy than in America but I feel more safe to be a woman in America than in Italy.”

“In Italy approximately 4 women are killed weekly. It is a very scary situation. ”

Tia can be found on:

Instagram [@tiataylor.ita] | Youtube | Facebook | Personal Blog

Tia Taylor 

Milan, Italy.

[q_team team_image=” team_image_hover_color=” team_name=’Émeraude YOAN’ team_name_tag=” team_name_font_size=” team_name_font_weight=” team_name_text_transform=” team_position=’Collaboratrice’ team_position_font_size=” team_position_color=” team_position_font_weight=” team_position_text_transform=” text_align=” team_description=’ Emeraude is an International Business & Digital Marketing student at the university Of Paris VIII. She was born and raised in Italy but her heart belongs to Ivory Coast. Through SAYASPORA and her photos she wants to tell stories hidden in the women s eyes for an Africa and a diaspora that needs to raise up for a better future.’ team_description_color=” background_color =” box_border =” team_social_icon_pack =’font_awesome’ team_social_fa_icon_1 =” team_social_fa_icon_2 =” team_social_fa_icon_3 =” team_social_fa_icon_4 =” team_social_fa_icon_5 =” team_social_fe_icon_1 =” team_social_fe_icon_2 =” team_social_fe_icon_3 =” team_social_fe_icon_4 =” team_social_fe_icon_5 =” team_social_icon_1_link =” team_social_icon_2_link =” team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_1_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_2_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_4_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_5_target =’_self’ show_skills =’yes’ skills_title_size=” skill_title_1 =” skill_title_2 =” skill_title_3 =” skill_percentage_1 =” skill_percentage_2 =” skill_percentage_3 =”]

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