“My name is Marilyn Nglele, and I am currently studying at in South Korea I am of Czech and Beninese descent.; my mother is Czech and my father is from Benin. The person I look up to is my mother. She had me when she was only 19 years old. Despite her young age my mother was courageous she took care of me despite judgment from her family for getting pregnant early, and for getting pregnant by a black man, who was originally from Benin (my dad). My parents met in Russia but still faced judgment from many people who believed my mother only married my dad for money. This wasn’t the case; they were just in love. Russia was a communist state when my parents got married, so they decided to move to Benin, they later moved to Ivory Coast and later Tunisia.”

Marilyn Nglele,

South Korea.


[q_team team_image=” team_image_hover_color=” team_name=’NEO GILDER’ team_name_tag=” team_name_font_size=” team_name_font_weight=” team_name_text_transform=” team_position=’Collaborator’ team_position_font_size=” team_position_color=” team_position_font_weight=” team_position_text_transform=” text_align=” team_description=’Neo Natalie Gilder is a BA Hons Photography student at the Cambridge School of Art. She aspires to travel, and using the Sayaspora platform she aims to shed light on issues that are happening globally using the medium of artistic visuals.’ team_description_color=” background_color =” box_border =” team_social_icon_pack =’font_awesome’ team_social_fa_icon_1 =” team_social_fa_icon_2 =” team_social_fa_icon_3 =” team_social_fa_icon_4 =” team_social_fa_icon_5 =” team_social_fe_icon_1 =” team_social_fe_icon_2 =” team_social_fe_icon_3 =” team_social_fe_icon_4 =” team_social_fe_icon_5 =” team_social_icon_1_link =” team_social_icon_2_link =” team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_1_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_2_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_4_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_5_target =’_self’ show_skills =’yes’ skills_title_size=” skill_title_1 =” skill_title_2 =” skill_title_3 =” skill_percentage_1 =” skill_percentage_2 =” skill_percentage_3 =”]

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