Voyageuse portugaise momentanément basée à Paris, Iris est une fille qui, malgré les difficultés que la vie lui a mit sur son chemin, n’a jamais baissé les bras. Une vraie combattante toujours souriante et toujours aussi prête à aider les autres.

Iris : “Never give up on your dreams and on yourself. Even when everything look like is falling apart, you don’t really know what will be the next stop. Keep going on your way! (…) Always keep your head up. Always.”

Paris, France.

[q_team team_image=” team_image_hover_color=” team_name=’Émeraude YOAN’ team_name_tag=” team_name_font_size=” team_name_font_weight=” team_name_text_transform=” team_position=’Collaboratrice’ team_position_font_size=” team_position_color=” team_position_font_weight=” team_position_text_transform=” text_align=” team_description=’ Emeraude is an International Business & Digital Marketing student at the university Of Paris VIII. She was born and raised in Italy but her heart belongs to Ivory Coast. Through SAYASPORA and her photos she wants to tell stories hidden in the women s eyes for an Africa and a diaspora that needs to raise up for a better future.’ team_description_color=” background_color =” box_border =” team_social_icon_pack =’font_awesome’ team_social_fa_icon_1 =” team_social_fa_icon_2 =” team_social_fa_icon_3 =” team_social_fa_icon_4 =” team_social_fa_icon_5 =” team_social_fe_icon_1 =” team_social_fe_icon_2 =” team_social_fe_icon_3 =” team_social_fe_icon_4 =” team_social_fe_icon_5 =” team_social_icon_1_link =” team_social_icon_2_link =” team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_1_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_2_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_4_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_5_target =’_self’ show_skills =’yes’ skills_title_size=” skill_title_1 =” skill_title_2 =” skill_title_3 =” skill_percentage_1 =” skill_percentage_2 =” skill_percentage_3 =”]


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