“Beside my passion for Biomedical Engineering, I’m ultimately into design and fashion. I think that women in Niger needs more opportunities, I’m about to provide them with something that’d help them seek opportunities. It’s something I’ve been thinking about my 3 years stay in Tunisia and I’m determinate to make it happen and take it to the next level, the really real level.”

Halima Douramane,



[q_team team_image=” team_image_hover_color=” team_name=’Nerimene Fekih’ team_name_tag=” team_name_font_size=” team_name_font_weight=” team_name_text_transform=” team_position=’Collaboratrice ‘ team_position_font_size=” team_position_color=” team_position_font_weight=” team_position_text_transform=” text_align=” team_description=’Engineering student majoring in Mechatronics at the National Engineering School of Sousse. Nerimene was born in a glistening town on the East Coast of Tunisia, Sousse. For her SAYASPORA represents an occasion to transfer the bright side of African women: the enthusiasm, energy and bravery that they exhibit in order to challenge norms and make history.’ team_description_color=” background_color =” box_border =” team_social_icon_pack =’font_awesome’ team_social_fa_icon_1 =” team_social_fa_icon_2 =” team_social_fa_icon_3 =” team_social_fa_icon_4 =” team_social_fa_icon_5 =” team_social_fe_icon_1 =” team_social_fe_icon_2 =” team_social_fe_icon_3 =” team_social_fe_icon_4 =” team_social_fe_icon_5 =” team_social_icon_1_link =” team_social_icon_2_link =” team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_1_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_link =” team_social_icon_4_link =” team_social_icon_5_link =” team_social_icon_2_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_3_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_4_target =’_self’ team_social_icon_5_target =’_self’ show_skills =’yes’ skills_title_size=” skill_title_1 =” skill_title_2 =” skill_title_3 =” skill_percentage_1 =” skill_percentage_2 =” skill_percentage_3 =”]



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