Five Reasons Why You Should Be At | SPEAK SERIES EP:2 Un Changement Social En Ligne

1- Meet new people!! Like minded individuals that are active in their communities and open to strengthening their connection to home. The Speak Series viewing is an open space for everyone willing to learn and have positive interactions.




2- Premier of SPEAK SERIES EP:2 | Un Changement Social En Ligne is a bilingual documentary video series based in Montreal capturing honest & raw conversations between youth stemming from the African diaspora. Last year, the screening of our first episode was followed by a deep conversation on the diasporic Identity. This year we want to take that conversation a step further by discussing the effects and importance of social media.



3-Social Media is everywhere! Discover the importance of social media and what it means for Africans in the diaspora. Questions like, “How through social media, are we  rewriting a new narrative for ourselves as Africans and how through them, are we reaffirming our identities?” will be discussed. Stop by and be apart of the conversation.


4- Workshop: Do you want to learn more about ways you can take advantage of the different platforms available to you? How you can use social media to connect to like minded African individuals? Then this workshop is for you !

It will be hosted by the talented Nour El-Mohri from Taam Media : Nour El-Mohri is a digital marketing specialist and a blogger. With more than 4 years experience in project management & online advertising she also aims to be unicorn. Growing up in a culturally diverse environment herself, she always wanted to combine both of her passion: culture and technology. Taam Media is an agency that finally connects brands with multicultural millennials around the world to include diversity in the media world.



5-CULTURES: Sayaspora x Aire Commune are collaborating on the 1st edition of CULTURES. A FREE outdoor party filled with music like Afro-Beats, Soulful and Dancehall…Aire Commune is one of the leading outside venues in Montreal (BBQ and double story terrace included!) Right after our viewing of Speak Series Ep. 2 | Un changement social en ligne (which is two steps away…) Stop by and enjoy an amazing line-up!





See you there!

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Born and raised in Montréal, Keerah is known to be a very curious person. Open to new experiences and learning about others, she hopes to learn more about the diaspora with SAYASPORA. You could find her in a coffee shop people watching or reading about the fashion industry.

Writer - sayasporateam

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