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Conversations between youth stemming from the African diaspora. || Conversations entre des jeunes de la diaspora africaine.

SPEAK SERIES :  A bilingual documentary video series based in Montreal capturing honest & raw  conversations between youth stemming from the African diaspora.

Often many narratives present the African Diaspora as a complete & separate entity, outside of the continent. However the role of the contemporary African diaspora and the interactions between the continent are much more complex than what these narratives present. With the rise of the global media age, theinterconnections between the continent and the contemporary African Diaspora have become much stronger.

With SPEAK SERIES, we hope to explore the diverse experiences and challenges that face youth stemming from the African diaspora, bridge the gap between the continent and the diaspora and explore topics that have been vital in shaping our experiences such as race, gender, sexuality, social mobility, mental health, processes of identity making and so on.

Thanks to our dear collaborator Ovswebtv