Often many narratives present the African Diaspora as a complete & separate entity, outside of the continent. In some ways this is true, however the role of the diaspora and the interactions between the continent are much more complex than what these narratives present. With the rise of the global media age, the interconnections between the continent and the diaspora have become much stronger. It's time to make our voice heard: Hello world, it's the DIASPORA SPEAKING.

Diaspora Speaking is an annual event that aims to celebrate the African women and youth change makers living in the diaspora. Diaspora Speaking is an event rich in content, where we invite you to network, share, discover and learn. 



The work of young entrepreneurs is put forth and presented to a curious audience wishing to learn more about the work done across the diaspora.


Speakers from the African diaspora share their knowledge and inspire the public to be entrepreneurial.


African artists from the diaspora expose their art work and inspire others through their vision and talent. 


Women of the diaspora:

 Identity and Challenges

 Two worlds apart: 

Bridging The Gap


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