Djamilla Toure

President, Founder

Djamilla was born in Côte d'Ivoire and lived in Morocco for ten years. For her, SAYASPORA is a project that stems from a void: not being able to identify with women in the media. From that void, SAYASPORA was founded. Through this organization, Djamilla aims to create a space in which young African women from all over the world can express themselves freely and find community.

M’borika Dioume 

Content creator, social media

M'Borika was born to parents of Senegalese origin in France, the country in which she grew up and evolved before arriving in Montreal to study management. For her, Sayaspora is the answer to a gap: the representation of African women, inspiring and successful examples.

Marie-pier Kouassi

Project Coordinator, event

Marie-Pier, of Ivorian descent, grew up in Quebec and has always been fascinated and confronted by her multiple identities. Once she graduated from the National School of Public Administration of Canada, she chose the adventure route and worked for a few years as a gender equality advisor in various African and Caribbean countries. For her, SAYASPORA is the perfect platform for expressing her commitment to empowering women and girls. SAYASPORA is a necessary space for inspiration aiming to highlight the strength behind the complex identities of the African diaspora.

Shona Musimbe 

Co-Founder, Head of the Education Portfolio


Shona was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe but currently resides in Montreal, Quebec Canada. She is a firm believer in social justice and inclusion. Her vision for Sayaspora is to be an organization that champions social inclusion and justice for African womxn and youth.

She is passionate about helping to tell the stories of different womxn from the Diaspora and across the continent of Africa. She hopes that Sayaspora will be an organization that highlights the struggles and successes of womxn. She also hopes that Sayaspora creates spaces for young African people to meet and discuss some of major challenges affecting the Diaspora and those on the continent.

Anissa Boughazi

Business Development Officer

Anissa, a Franco-Algerian, grew up in France before studying in Turkey and Quebec. Graduated in Economics and International Management, she aspires to tell the little-known story of the sun's peoples through the stories of courageous, resilient and supportive women. For her, Sayaspora celebrates diversity and inspires the unity of those whose common denominator is Africa.

Aliska Torvic

Communication coordinator


Having grown up in France, finally blossoming in Montreal, Aliska is a curious woman in constant search of the Elsewhere, the unknown, the other. She hopes to build an echo, an image, a gesture and a reach through and with Sayaspora. Through us, for us, Elegant, Feminine, Brilliant, Inspiring, Bold at last, so many synonyms to describe the African Woman.

Joana Kagayo 

  Project coordinator, podcast

Originary from Burundi and raised in Canada, for her africain femininity represents flexibility in our african society, breaking stereotypes given to us such as ‘’un-african’’ as sexually unattractive and humorless manhaters and troublemakers. Joana is a student majoring in Economics at the University of Windsor, she strives for the best of humanity and believes that all could be done with a better representation of women in our society. For her SAYASPORA represents a feminist platform committed to giving women a forum, a voice and the skills to articulate their needs and interest towards our Diaspora  


Sabrina Niyigaruye 

Content Creator, blog

Growing up as an African woman, more precisely Burundian, Sabrina has experienced the strength of African women. Although, she did not see their representation. In spite of their strength, elegance and helpfulness, a seat at the table was never provided to them. For her, Sayaspora is a platform to create that long-deserved seat for young African women. In her words “Sayaspora wants to create the seat, the table and the room. A place where you, the African young woman, were designed to sit in.”


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