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A platform created by women to inspire others


SAYASPORA is an African women-led and bilingual organization founded in 2015 that aims to empower and create a greater representation of women and youth stemming from the African diaspora.


We strongly believe in the power of representation as tool for social change and inspiration. Therefore, through our events and online content, we hope to foster a place where African youth living in the diaspora can lead, be inspired, affirm their voice and find community 



As an organisation created, thought and led by African women that works towards the betternment of their community, SAYASPORA has for mission to promote female solidarity across borders. Women changemakers.


(Fr) Géré, pensé et tenu par des jeunes femmes africaines qui agissent pour le bien et le développement de leur communauté, SAYASPORA a pour mission de prôner une solidarité féminine qui dépasse les frontières. Des femmes actrices de changement.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Djamilla est née en Côte d Ivoire et a vécu pendant dix ans au Maroc. Pour elle, SAYASPORA est un projet qui émane d un manque : celui de ne pas pouvoir s identifier aux femmes présentes dans les médias. C est ainsi que la plateforme SAYASPORA a été fondée. À travers cet organisme tenu par des jeunes femmes, elle espère motiver l'ensemble de la jeunesse de la diaspora africaine à entreprendre.

Co-founder & Head of Education Portfolio


Shana is an International Development and African Studies student at the university of MCGILL. She was born and raised in the southern african country of Zimbabwe. For her, SAYASPORA is the opportunity to advance the narrative of women from all corners of Africa to the diaspora and to the world at large.



Dorra, diplômée en Relations internationales et Droit international a vécu en Tunisie, au Moyen-Orient, au Canada et en Bolivie. Son intérêt concernant la lutte pour l égalité entre les genres dans l émancipation sociale, lui a donné l envie de se consacrer à travers SAYASPORA, à la source dont émane son inspiration et d'où découlent ses aspirations : l’Afrique.



Aurore holds a Bachelors in Molecular Cell Biology and African Studies from McGill University. For her, SAYASPORA means centering African women as agents of change who are too often underrepresented in the media. Through SAYASPORA, she hopes to hope to foster a space where nuanced, and informed perspectives about Africa can prosper in the efforts of inspiring a new generation of conscious and informed leaders to actively contribute to the continent’s development.



From Sierra Leona, Rydia is passionate about writing and wants to offer to young women the opportunity to inspire and be role models for others. With SAYASPORA, she is hoping to lay a foundation that will thrive generation after generation.

SAYASPORA is a platform created by women wishing to inspire many more. Women changemakers.


Publicist & Strategic Partnerships Specialist

Marie-Ange Zibi

Born in France, raised in Cameroun, and now living in Canada, Marie-Ange has always been fascinated by the complex world of multiple identities. She is a diploma student in Journalism and now works as a publicist for a Montreal-based record label. For her, Sayaspora is where the SAFE PLACE & WOMANHOOD concepts are taking on their full meaning. She aims to use the platform to explore a fresh and critical look at the social and cultural issues that affect the African dispora youth, and specifically the African Woman.

Content creator -portfolio Social Media

mborika dioume

M’Borika est née de parents d’origine Sénégalaise en France, pays dans lequel elle a grandi et évoluer avant d’arriver à Montréal pour étudier en gestion. Pour elle, Sayaspora est la réponse à un manque: la représentation de femmes africaines, inspirante et exemple de réussite.

Outreach specialist and Content creator


Joanna is majoring in international development and globalization student at the University of Ottawa . Originary from Burundi and raised in Canada. For her, african femininity represents flexibility in our african society, breaking stereotypes given to us such as ‘’un-african’’ as sexually unattractive and humorless manhaters and troublemakers. For her SAYASPORA represents a feminist platform committed to giving women a forum, a voice and the skills to articulate their needs and interest towards our Diaspora.

Social Media specialist

Keerah Waldrich

Born and raised in Montréal, Keerah is known to be a very curious person. Open to new experiences and learning about others, she hopes to learn more about the diaspora with SAYASPORA. You could find her in a coffee shop people watching or reading about the fashion industry.

Educational Coordinator


Sheree was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya to an Ethiopian mother and Jamaican father. She is currently majoring in Psychology at McGill University and aspires to go back to Kenya and shift the negative stigma associated with mental health. For Sheree, SAYSPORA is a special platform by which strong, inspirational women with unique backgrounds can work together to shed a positive light on their experiences.

Content creator - portfolio Blog


Soukayna is a Moroccan artist, writer, curator, and student in Art History, Film Studies, and French Literature. With her passion for the arts and cultures, and her focus on the continent of Africa—specifically on North Africa—she hopes to create a space where the African diaspora can share and discuss about everything from contemporary African art, to traditions, and politics. In her own personal work as an artist and a writer, and through the platform that is Sayaspora, she hopes to inspire other African women to pursue their visions and values, and to open a space where the contemporary diaspora can converse on the different identities, cultures, problematics, and histories of her homeland.

Illustrator Coordinator


Morina was born and raised in Montreal. She’s a woman of Haitian origin and also celebrating her Pan-African roots. This woman has always been passionate by art & culture and photography. She has a diploma in Business Management and working on building her clothing brand. For her, SAYASPORA is an innovative platform who recognize the hard work and determination of African women globally.

Illustrator Coordinator


Monica is a woman of haitian origin born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She s a college graduate in buisness management and a clothing designer and visualist. She has always found her way through creativity and with it she brings content into another dimension. SAYASPORA represent a vessel to create of a safe place to celebrate women of color from the African diaspora. “I believe that the foundation of sisterhood is what we need to revive our power. The celebration of women is the celebration of life itself.”

Content creator - portfolio blog

Anissa Boughazi

Anissa, franco-algérienne, a grandit en France avant d’étudier en Turquie et au Québec. Diplômée en Économie et en Gestion Internationale, elle aspire à raconter l’Histoire mal connue des peuples du soleil à travers le récit de femmes courageuses, résiliantes et solidaires. Pour elle, Sayaspora célèbre la diversité et inspire l’unité de celles ayant comme dénominateur commun l’Afrique.